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I have always aimed at being that little bit different in my designs, often making sure that some feature of the home is special or significant. Having great street appeal, shape and standing out from the crowd is important to my architectural work.”

At R&D Homes we offer you a personal and individual experience in the designing of your home. This ensures that your specific design results in the very best for your site and, of course, your needs.
We offer you specialised designing for your home rather than just giving you a set of plans.
Because we cater to every aspect in the design and building of your home our onsite project management and communication is always seamless.

As well as specialising in Building and Designing, we also offer Drafting services, Project Management and can help you with your Carpentry requirements. At any one time we have two teams of Carpenters working on separate projects with usually 3 to 4 projects running at a time.

As a member of the Master Builders Association of Tasmania for many years we also act as an advisory to the residential building industry.


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